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Newest Video Files

238) ”Robo-Einstein“ by HotGod

» Apparently the human race is missing Albert Einstein so much that a demand for such robot made the scientists work overtime. ...

Was added on 26-Mar-2010 and viewed 3700 times, And was rated 2.41 out of 5.

237) ”The Real Spiderman“ by Zoro7

» I grew up on Spiderman and was sure it's an imaginary figure. Based on this next video Spiderman is real. Very Real! ...

Was added on 10-Jan-2010 and viewed 2876 times, And was rated 3.38 out of 5.

236) ”The Real Supermario“ by HotGod

» A real life version of one of the most famous games - Super Mario. ...

Was added on 12-Dec-2009 and viewed 2941 times, And was rated 2.89 out of 5.

235) ”Real Game“ by Special Ofer

» Xbox and PS3 gamers don't really think about their characters. These virtual creatures get hit, killed and abused. What if they weren't so virtual? What if they had emotions all this time? ...

Was added on 02-Dec-2009 and viewed 2382 times, And was rated 3.24 out of 5.

234) ”Zit Prank“ by HotGod

» What a gross prank. Lucky for us we like gross pranks. Yuck! ...

Was added on 12-Nov-2009 and viewed 2366 times, And was rated 3.55 out of 5.

233) ”Third Hand Prank“ by HotGod

» Most people I know have 2 hands. In this prank we see other options. ...

Was added on 22-Sep-2009 and viewed 2525 times, And was rated 3.45 out of 5.

232) ”Breaks Prank“ by 2Laugh Team

» I hate the accidents Breaks sound. This pranks uses a large speaker which plays this awful sound in the street. ...

Was added on 30-Apr-2009 and viewed 2965 times, And was rated 3.9 out of 5.

231) ”Baloon Prank“ by HotGod

» I love good Pranks. This video is an example of a good prank. Try this at your office and email me the video. ...

Was added on 11-Apr-2009 and viewed 2439 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

230) ”Hair Dryer Prank“ by Don J.J.

» To do the hair-dryer prank one needs... ah... a hair-dryer. ...

Was added on 14-Mar-2009 and viewed 2322 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

229) ”Crazy Jean-Luc Picard“ by HotGod

» It seems as if Jean-Luc Picard spent too much time outside the protective earth's atmosphere. This lead to some sort of space sickness and brain trauma. I see you don't believe me. Well, se for yourself. ...

Was added on 25-Dec-2008 and viewed 2457 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

228) ”Photocopier“ by Ofer a israel

» Another cool commercial. This time it's for a Photocopier. ...

Was added on 17-Dec-2008 and viewed 2435 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

227) ”a great commercial“ by GoGo Ran

» Another great international commercial, but for what? You'll have to find out for yourself. ...

Was added on 08-Dec-2008 and viewed 2586 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

226) ”NCAA commercial“ by 2Laugh Team

» Just another one of those commercials. Nice. ...

Was added on 26-Nov-2008 and viewed 2355 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

225) ”muslim women“ by Nudge Nudge

» I really have no idea how millions of Muslim women allow this humiliation to continue. They are forced to wear stupid black covers which only reveals their eyes. The next video shows how these women cope. ...

Was added on 09-Nov-2008 and viewed 3339 times, And was rated 1.25 out of 5.

224) ”Drink Milk #5“ by Zoro7

» The fifth commercial from the five commercial campaign. Enjoy! ...

Was added on 20-Oct-2008 and viewed 2303 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

223) ”a week in antartica“ by Zoro7

» A week in Antarctica starts on Monday and ends on Friday. See how the locals reacts to this arrangement. ...

Was added on 14-Oct-2008 and viewed 2304 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

222) ”Human Touch “ by HotGod

» Some companies want to add the human touch to their product. The following company go head over heals to add this aspect. ...

Was added on 05-Oct-2008 and viewed 2342 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

221) ”ShadowPhobia“ by

» Shadow Phobia - The fear of Shadows. This little child is terrified from something you and I take for granted. ...

Was added on 24-Sep-2008 and viewed 2313 times, And was rated 1.33 out of 5.

220) ”Art of Fingering“ by 2Laugh

» The following Dude can play whole masterpieces with only his fingers. Amazing ability which will help him in this world. What? ...

Was added on 18-Sep-2008 and viewed 2362 times, And was rated 1.54 out of 5.

219) ”Speed Drinking“ by Colbert

» This guy is actually breathing his booze. I have never seen such speed when Beer is concerned. ...

Was added on 14-Sep-2008 and viewed 2235 times, And was rated 1.54 out of 5.

218) ”Monster Hummer“ by Ofer A. Israel

» Seeing a Hammer in a dark alley is scary enough. The following monster is even scarier. ...

Was added on 11-Sep-2008 and viewed 2282 times, And was rated 2.94 out of 5.

217) ”Pencil Holder“ by HotGod

» Where do you usually put your pencils? Do you even use pencils? I do. The following pencil holder is fun for some people. ...

Was added on 05-Sep-2008 and viewed 3477 times, And was rated 1.39 out of 5.

216) ”banana shot“ by Goopy

» Football or Soccer are built from 99% boredom and 1% interest. The following video shows one of the coolest elements of soccer - Banana Shots. ...

Was added on 31-Aug-2008 and viewed 2572 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

215) ”Fatso cat“ by HotGod

» Some people say it's not safe to let the cat guard the milk. This cat, apparently, guarded some wiped cream, few dozen donuts and a pot of sugar. ...

Was added on 23-Aug-2008 and viewed 2538 times, And was rated 2.3 out of 5.

214) ”no female voters“ by HotGod

» This dude went on a mission to abolish female voting rights. Will you sign this? It seems women did. ...

Was added on 17-Aug-2008 and viewed 2248 times, And was rated 3.36 out of 5.

213) ”Halo Vs. Donkey Kong“ by HotGod

» Remember Donkey Kong? Well, in this video Halo fighters are trying to save the price from the claws of donkey Kong. Enjoy! ...

Was added on 10-Aug-2008 and viewed 2645 times, And was rated 2.57 out of 5.

212) ”Pencil and Beer“ by HotGod

» Yet another beer commercial. ...

Was added on 28-Jul-2008 and viewed 2765 times, And was rated 0.85 out of 5.

211) ”blonde in distress“ by HotGod

» Blonds are not the smartest people who walked this planet. The following blonde has locket herself in the car. Is that even possible? The following recording proves something. ...

Was added on 23-Jul-2008 and viewed 2776 times, And was rated 0.99 out of 5.

210) ”The Spider“ by D. Goldberg

» Another cool commercial which contains 1 spider. ...

Was added on 17-Jul-2008 and viewed 2793 times, And was rated 3.6 out of 5.

209) ”Playing Scanner“ by HotGod

» Another amazing thing done by a geek. This time, this geek created a software which plays a Beethoven symphony on a scanner motor. Cool. ...

Was added on 14-Jul-2008 and viewed 2727 times, And was rated 3.42 out of 5.

208) ”Asian Slim shady“ by

» Here's an Asian version for the Slim Shady famous song. Enjoy. ...

Was added on 06-Jul-2008 and viewed 2586 times, And was rated 2.26 out of 5.

207) ”Airbus R/C“ by HotGod

» This looks like a toy, ats like a toy but it's as toy as a real officer in the navy is. This is a great R/C plain to have and it's ery close to be a real airplain. ...

Was added on 23-Jun-2008 and viewed 2932 times, And was rated 1.22 out of 5.

206) ”Arrow Vs. Sword“ by HotGod

» Which is better the Sword of the Arrow? If you had to chose, which one you would have picked to go into battle? This dude asked his daughter to shot arrows at him. All he can do is try cutting the arrows with his mighty sword. ...

Was added on 19-Jun-2008 and viewed 2791 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

205) ”Jar Playing“ by HotGod

» Some play on drums, some on guitars and some even play on wood. This guy loves to play on water filled jars. ...

Was added on 12-Jun-2008 and viewed 2360 times, And was rated 1.66 out of 5.

204) ”Laptop Saver“ by HotGod

» If you own a Laptop I'm sure your greatest fear, beside getting your treasure stolen, is to have this expansive machinery fall. The next invention keeps your Laptop safe. ...

Was added on 05-Jun-2008 and viewed 2369 times, And was rated 2.26 out of 5.

203) ”adidas commercial“ by HotGod

» Another Not-Bad adidas commercial. ...

Was added on 01-Jun-2008 and viewed 2343 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

202) ”powerful thrust“ by Gogo 88

» People can't even imagine the amount of thrust a jet turbine can produce. In the following video we can see how powerful this thrust is. ...

Was added on 23-May-2008 and viewed 2329 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

201) ”3d mUSIC“ by ZooMy

» Yet another great 3D animation with great music to match. ...

Was added on 17-May-2008 and viewed 3326 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

200) ”F22 Raptor“ by Jehuva

» Some great maneuvers of this new fighter. ...

Was added on 03-May-2008 and viewed 2466 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

199) ”old Dancer“ by David N.

» Is he an old man, a Drunk or someone who likes drugs. No idea what's the answer but it's very funny just to see him. ...

Was added on 20-Apr-2008 and viewed 2429 times, And was rated 1.26 out of 5.

198) ”Expert Driver“ by KooKie

» The next driver is not the Stig but he still have some tricks under his hood. Don't try this at home even if you get the chance to drive one of these cars. ...

Was added on 10-Apr-2008 and viewed 2346 times, And was rated 1.43 out of 5.

197) ”35 Balls to the Face“ by Shmoopi

» Have you ever taken a ball to the face? In this video you'll encounter 35 cases of balls-to-the-face events. you're more than welcome to count out loud. ...

Was added on 26-Mar-2008 and viewed 2557 times, And was rated 1.77 out of 5.

196) ”Domino Effect“ by 2Laugh Team

» Another Commercial with dominos in it. ...

Was added on 06-Mar-2008 and viewed 2352 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

195) ”Air Bubbles“ by LooLoo

» This white dolphin shows us how to create a special air bubble. ...

Was added on 29-Feb-2008 and viewed 2430 times, And was rated 2.23 out of 5.

194) ”Dog Collection #2“ by ZZ Bottom

» We had so many Dog clips over the years. Here's a good collection of Dog Bits. ...

Was added on 12-Feb-2008 and viewed 2424 times, And was rated 0.95 out of 5.

193) ”the Disco Biker“ by Zorba

» By public demand we proudly present The Disco Biker! ...

Was added on 24-Jan-2008 and viewed 2348 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

192) ”whyne diesel“ by Cobra Joe

» Remember him from Riddick? XXX? and what about Saving private Ryan? Remember Diesel? Well, his not that smart but in the following clip you'll be able to notice how far he is from being not-that-smart. ...

Was added on 10-Jan-2008 and viewed 2402 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

191) ”The Splinter“ by Dojo

» The video shows what happens when a control explosion goes wrong. ...

Was added on 25-Dec-2007 and viewed 2441 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

190) ”dance evolution“ by Golly

» A great summery of the evolution of Dance since the beginning of time. Unfortunately this dude doesn't know how to dance very well. ...

Was added on 30-Nov-2007 and viewed 2445 times, And was rated 1.55 out of 5.

189) ”Dance Collection 6“ by Sean Z.

» Yes! Another Dance Collection. We got so many collection related emails. This is one of those. Based on this video, humans were not made to dance. ...

Was added on 21-Nov-2007 and viewed 2432 times, And was rated 1.43 out of 5.

188) ”Daft Punk“ by Mogly

» This guy apeared here before on It was in the Queen clip with some other dude. If you know the words, sing along. ...

Was added on 29-Oct-2007 and viewed 2369 times, And was rated 2.23 out of 5.

187) ”“ by Zack

» When your Gal wants to say something to you, Just listen. The poor guy on this video didn't. ...

Was added on 20-Oct-2007 and viewed 2320 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

186) ”Taming the Beast“ by Fritsi

» You watch any commercial we'll bring you, don't you?! ...

Was added on 17-Sep-2007 and viewed 2385 times, And was rated 1.82 out of 5.

185) ”3 Bears“ by Dune Buggy

» Know the fairytale about the 3 bears? of course you do. Here's a spin-off. ...

Was added on 10-Sep-2007 and viewed 2393 times, And was rated 1.66 out of 5.

184) ”Coffee Shapes“ by Zorba

» This video is for all waitresses and coffee shop owners out there. Watch this video cheerfully, study it and try these shapes in your shop. ...

Was added on 18-Aug-2007 and viewed 2383 times, And was rated 1.43 out of 5.

183) ”Cat Reaction“ by ZooLoo

» Look what happens to a cat who view another cat on ...

Was added on 11-Aug-2007 and viewed 2321 times, And was rated 1.66 out of 5.

182) ”butterfly magic“ by 2Laugh Team

» Criss Angel walks the streets again and this time he performs the butterfly magic ...

Was added on 08-Aug-2007 and viewed 2415 times, And was rated 1.82 out of 5.

181) ”slapping cat“ by ZooLoo

» This kid is about to meet his feline opponent. ...

Was added on 01-Aug-2007 and viewed 2377 times, And was rated 1.26 out of 5.

180) ”Bubble Maker“ by Amit E.

» This next smoker won't see his 70's but at least he's devoting his life to entertain us. and just remember! Cigarettes will kill you! ...

Was added on 28-Jul-2007 and viewed 2687 times, And was rated 1.11 out of 5.

179) ”Breakdance“ by ZooLoo

» A short video from a breakdance competition. ...

Was added on 19-Jul-2007 and viewed 2605 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

178) ”Smart Bird“ by 2Laugh Team

» The Raven and Craw family is a smart one. Notice how this bird bends the wire to get the prize. ...

Was added on 14-Jul-2007 and viewed 2664 times, And was rated 1.66 out of 5.

177) ”Big Brain Wash“ by 2Laugh Team

» September 11th was a traumatic event. This video shows another perspective about the brain wash which followed this catastrophe. ...

Was added on 10-Jul-2007 and viewed 2546 times, And was rated 1.64 out of 5.

176) ”The Dribbler“ by 2Laugh Team

» Surprise Surprise! This time the dribbler is a women. Yes! At last, a female member is dribbling a ball up and down the square. ...

Was added on 07-Jul-2007 and viewed 2293 times, And was rated 2.23 out of 5.

175) ”Hunting Jews“ by 2Laugh Team

» In this video clip, borat is out there hunting Jews. It's really a sad thing to watch American collaborate with Borat. ...

Was added on 28-Jun-2007 and viewed 2240 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

174) ”Borat in the Gym“ by ZooLoo

» Borat, the reporter from Afghanistan, is checking the new environment named "The Gym". ...

Was added on 26-Jun-2007 and viewed 2368 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

173) ”Perfect Invention“ by 2Laugh Team

» You're on a trans-Atlantic trip and the toilet was blocked by a hell-rider who's flying with you on the same plane. To top this, your bladder is full and you need to evacuate fluids from your ever growing body. What will you do? ...

Was added on 21-Jun-2007 and viewed 2348 times, And was rated 2.23 out of 5.

172) ”The BJ“ by Neu

» Young Couple, the guy wants a Blow Job real bad. What will the young goil answer? Will she say YES? ...

Was added on 19-Jun-2007 and viewed 2304 times, And was rated 0.41 out of 5.

171) ”passport roadblock“ by Donald G.

» good advertisement ...

Was added on 14-Jun-2007 and viewed 2305 times, And was rated 3.13 out of 5.

170) ”Black Cock“ by Boon

» A great Sketch from Saturday Night Live ...

Was added on 11-Jun-2007 and viewed 2768 times, And was rated 2.57 out of 5.

169) ”Blackout“ by PooBear

» Ask any fighter pilot (and I did) about G forces and watch his faces twitches in pain. These guys eat G forces for breakfast. It's hard being a fighter pilot. ...

Was added on 07-Jun-2007 and viewed 2245 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

168) ”Biggest Loser“ by Barco Mitch

» Imagine you're on "who wants to be a millionaire" and you've been asked the first easy question. What will you do? What will you answer? Don't know? Watch this video. ...

Was added on 02-Jun-2007 and viewed 2350 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

167) ”Spoon Bender“ by KooKie

» Uri Geller made millions on behalf of stupid people who really believe that energy from one fingers can actually bend metal. Yeh right! While you watch the following video, please place a spoon on your monitor. Who knows, maybe strange things will happen. ...

Was added on 27-May-2007 and viewed 2336 times, And was rated 1.36 out of 5.

166) ”Beat Box Master“ by Goopy

» Yes! Another Beat Box artist. ...

Was added on 24-May-2007 and viewed 2345 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

165) ”The Banana and God“ by John X.

» Are you still among the ignorant who think that all plants and wild life came through evolution? The next videos will demonstrate to you why the evolution mambo-jumbo is just stupid people theory about how life was really created. And remember "The truth is out there!" ...

Was added on 21-May-2007 and viewed 2352 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

164) ”Baloon Blow Up“ by C.C. Mark

» Have you ever dream about a balloon who exploded in slow motion? No? Is it only me!? ...

Was added on 13-May-2007 and viewed 2534 times, And was rated 1.82 out of 5.

163) ”The Bazooka“ by Gordon7

» This stupid dude thinks he can fire a bazooka. A Bazooka is similar to RPG but much more powerful. Don't try this at home and if you do, at least open a window. ...

Was added on 04-May-2007 and viewed 2353 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

162) ”The Dnace“ by Morick ZooLoo

» This Dance has captured the imagination of many schools around the world. If you have a video with your friends trying to dance the "Dance" please email us and we'll "air" it on the site. ...

Was added on 15-Apr-2007 and viewed 2374 times, And was rated 0.23 out of 5.

161) ”Bohemian Rhapsody“ by HotGod

» These two copper-heads made a great clip to the Queen song - Bohemian Rhapsody. Enjoy! ...

Was added on 03-Apr-2007 and viewed 2436 times, And was rated 1.19 out of 5.

160) ”Knife Master“ by Donald G.

» Some women carry paper spray in their purse, some carry electric shockers. This Asian chick doesn't need all these defense gadgets. ...

Was added on 26-Mar-2007 and viewed 2437 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

159) ”Spoons“ by TheMan

» Andy made another great video. This time he'll show us the advantages of this technological marvel. ...

Was added on 07-Mar-2007 and viewed 2324 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

158) ”Ice Cream Glove“ by Fred e.

» Every summer i think to myself "what can i do to improve my favorite hobby of eating ice cream." In the following video, Ali G. shows his new invention. ...

Was added on 20-Feb-2007 and viewed 2359 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

157) ”Animal Thieves“ by Shelly

» watch a compilation of animals stealing things. It turns out that animals are not the cure creatures we all think they are. ...

Was added on 08-Feb-2007 and viewed 2413 times, And was rated 3.56 out of 5.

156) ”CatMan“ by John X.

» The First Pussy-Man i ever saw. It seems that people are much more disturbed than we can possibly imagine. ...

Was added on 01-Feb-2007 and viewed 2426 times, And was rated 1.25 out of 5.

155) ”Accident Collection #5“ by Dork S.

» Another great collection of accidents. Please do not attempt these accidents without video taping and emailing them to us. ...

Was added on 25-Jan-2007 and viewed 2382 times, And was rated 0.78 out of 5.

154) ”The Accident“ by 2Laugh Team

» The Scene: A women is painting the walls while her husband is reading a newspaper. What sparks up the scene is the fact that women don't like to see their husbands doing nothing. ...

Was added on 21-Jan-2007 and viewed 2290 times, And was rated 1.06 out of 5.

153) ”118118“ by Amit

» A great parody to the known commercial. I'm not sure if the original is for Honda or Toyota. If you remember, please leave your comment. ...

Was added on 09-Jan-2007 and viewed 2386 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

152) ”180 degrees“ by DocoMedia

» This American soldier is able to rotate his head 180 degrees. While it looks scary I'm sure the army was able to find some uses for this ability. ...

Was added on 03-Jan-2007 and viewed 2410 times, And was rated 1.15 out of 5.

151) ”Art of Yoshumitzo“ by Donald G.

» The Art of Yoshumitzo is a secrete which passed from generation to the next. In each generation only 3 people know this secret. In the following video we encounter one of these people. Amazing stuff! ...

Was added on 23-Dec-2006 and viewed 2405 times, And was rated 0.89 out of 5.

150) ”7 up“ by 2Laugh Team

» An old advertisement for 7up! ...

Was added on 17-Dec-2006 and viewed 2684 times, And was rated 1.13 out of 5.

149) ”4x4 walkers“ by Josef

» Walking on all 2 is a great way to move from point A to point B. This family uses a special human mode of 4x4. Bizarre. ...

Was added on 04-Dec-2006 and viewed 2490 times, And was rated 1.82 out of 5.

148) ”Desert Storm“ by Booby

» By writing "Desert storm" i didn't mean desert Storm - the Gun, but rather a real desert storm. The kind that slowly advances towards you and when you get to admire it, it's too late to run. Awesome footage from Iraq. ...

Was added on 28-Nov-2006 and viewed 2370 times, And was rated 1.46 out of 5.

147) ”Stepping Graphics“ by Burma John

» This is a great computer graphics clip. ...

Was added on 23-Nov-2006 and viewed 2411 times, And was rated 1.25 out of 5.

146) ”Bouncy Bouncy“ by Abrams

» This Dude really knows how to treat his balls. ...

Was added on 14-Nov-2006 and viewed 2468 times, And was rated 1.19 out of 5.

145) ”Flat Cycle“ by 2Laugh Team

» A flattening prank made by some friends. ...

Was added on 05-Nov-2006 and viewed 2396 times, And was rated 1.29 out of 5.

144) ”Boing“ by Eyal

» Maybe she talks too much. ...

Was added on 24-Oct-2006 and viewed 2410 times, And was rated 0.89 out of 5.

143) ”Fast Food“ by Donald G.

» Great Magic trick with a Fast Food Theme. ...

Was added on 19-Oct-2006 and viewed 2462 times, And was rated 2.05 out of 5.

142) ”Mac Shmac“ by Donyy Z

» The most powerful computer on the face of the earth. The Mac is so powerful it sounds like Stephen Hawking. ...

Was added on 23-Sep-2006 and viewed 3166 times, And was rated 1.79 out of 5.

141) ”Dancing Robots 2“ by 2Laugh Team

» One can claim he/she doesn't like the quality of the PlayStation or even PlayStation Games. But one can't claim he/she doesn't like the quality of the robots made by Sony. These robots are great! ...

Was added on 17-Sep-2006 and viewed 3805 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

140) ”American Idol: 5 Worst“ by ZooLoo

» We already saw some unforgettable American Idol bits. This one is a collection of the top, well, more of the bottom worst five videos. And you thought you saw the worst ones. ...

Was added on 13-Sep-2006 and viewed 2661 times, And was rated 1.2 out of 5.

139) ”MegaBass“ by 2Laugh Team

» A great way to turn a hearing person into a def one. ...

Was added on 07-Sep-2006 and viewed 2832 times, And was rated 3.5 out of 5.

138) ”Developers Developers Developers“ by 2Laugh Team

» The Rock Star of Geek-World. This sweaty overweight copper-top can sell-sell-sell to vast number of geeks. ...

Was added on 04-Sep-2006 and viewed 2377 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

137) ”T-Shirt Folder“ by ZooLoo

» A great and simple invention which will make out life much easier. I spend 7 hours per day folding shirts. With this invention I'll have more time posting silly videos. ...

Was added on 03-Sep-2006 and viewed 2501 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

136) ”The Pianist“ by 2Laugh Team

» This next animation videos shows us how a Pianist's past intertwine in his music. ...

Was added on 27-Aug-2006 and viewed 2350 times, And was rated 3.8 out of 5.

135) ”Best Goals“ by 2Laugh Team

» Football (Soccer) is a boring game. You can spend 90 minutes to view a game and end up with a 0:0 score. Here's a collection of the best 10 goals. ...

Was added on 24-Aug-2006 and viewed 2417 times, And was rated 3.5 out of 5.

134) ”Drink Milk“ by 2Laugh Team

» Another Great Commercial. ...

Was added on 21-Aug-2006 and viewed 2342 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

133) ”Airport Routine“ by ZooLoo

» When terrorists don't act airports look like a living creature. Take a look at this amazing video. ...

Was added on 16-Aug-2006 and viewed 2742 times, And was rated 3.4 out of 5.

132) ”feminine invention“ by 2Laugh Team

» Will this invention help humanity? I doubt it. ...

Was added on 13-Aug-2006 and viewed 8800 times, And was rated 47197700 out of 5.

131) ”Falls - Collection #3“ by 2Laugh Team

» They go up, fall, flip, fall again. Funny stuff. ...

Was added on 11-Aug-2006 and viewed 2949 times, And was rated 2.17 out of 5.

130) ”Paradise“ by 2

» You're fighting in a war and get killed. You rich paradise and than what? What if you don't like how paradise looks like? This great animation shows exactly what happens. ...

Was added on 09-Aug-2006 and viewed 2370 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

129) ”The driver“ by 2Laugh Team

» Is it another midget driver? No! This is a little kid, a baby, who shows his driving skill. Amazing. ...

Was added on 08-Aug-2006 and viewed 2287 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

128) ”Funny Forecast“ by 2Laugh Team

» Making a weather forecast is very easy. all you need to do is take yesterday's temperature, add or subtract 1-2 degrees and show the forecast. ...

Was added on 06-Aug-2006 and viewed 2623 times, And was rated 2.51 out of 5.

127) ”The Drunk and the Bike“ by 2Laugh Team

» Drunks are very funny sometime. This drunk tries to mount the one-wheeled-bicycle and can't understand why he can't have a good ride. ...

Was added on 05-Aug-2006 and viewed 2464 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

126) ”American Idol - Jack“ by 2Laugh Team

» Another American Idol contestant who thinks he's/she's a great singer. ...

Was added on 04-Aug-2006 and viewed 2552 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

125) ”Real Mortal Kombat“ by 2Laugh Team

» I love Mortal Kombat! I guess these two like this great game too. ...

Was added on 03-Aug-2006 and viewed 3952 times, And was rated 3.29 out of 5.

124) ”Lift Off“ by Ben Dov

» What happens when you tie a steal ball cage with two banji ropes. This huge slingshot will launch you into the skies. ...

Was added on 02-Aug-2006 and viewed 2343 times, And was rated 2.83 out of 5.

123) ”The Hipo and the Dog 3“ by 2La

» A Third animation with the cool pair. ...

Was added on 02-Aug-2006 and viewed 3679 times, And was rated 2.8 out of 5.

122) ”American Idon - Aeeda“ by Shmoopi

» Irada thinks she's the next american Idol. Is She? Is She? ...

Was added on 01-Aug-2006 and viewed 2432 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

121) ”Human Snake“ by 2Laugh Team

» Bored people have created many great tings over the years. This video is not one of these great things. ...

Was added on 31-Jul-2006 and viewed 2502 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

120) ”Tom is in Love“ by 2Laugh Team

» He's not the best actor out there but hen he's in love, in deep love, he knows how to fake it too. ...

Was added on 30-Jul-2006 and viewed 2304 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

119) ”The Wasp“ by 2Laugh Team

» I hate Wasps, Hornets, killer bees, bumble bees. These little creatures with a spiky little needle at the end of them really give me the creeps. This guy decided it's a cool thing to tame one of these beasts. ...

Was added on 29-Jul-2006 and viewed 3363 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

118) ”Diet Dog Food“ by Zorba

» Do you want to give your dog light dog food? Watch this video before doing so. ...

Was added on 28-Jul-2006 and viewed 4418 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

117) ”Snooker Boy“ by Zorba

» Amazing Trick-Shots by a very gifted kid. ...

Was added on 27-Jul-2006 and viewed 2339 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

116) ”judge britney“ by 2Laugh Team

» Britney acts in the following SNL sketch as a judge. ...

Was added on 26-Jul-2006 and viewed 2315 times, And was rated 2.17 out of 5.

115) ”Jimmy's Jokes“ by 2Laugh Team

» Do you like South Park? Do you like stand-up? If so, than you must LOVE this next video. ...

Was added on 25-Jul-2006 and viewed 2400 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

114) ”Scarface“ by BooBoo

» Scarface (1983) - The shorter version. ...

Was added on 24-Jul-2006 and viewed 2347 times, And was rated 3.43 out of 5.

113) ”The Giggler Four“ by 2Laugh Team

» These four can't stop laughing. I read about these four and aberrantly they were part of a DNA related experiment. Amazing! ...

Was added on 23-Jul-2006 and viewed 2309 times, And was rated 0.51 out of 5.

112) ”Natalie portman“ by HotGod

» The cute kid from Lion has changed. This next video shows an interview with Natalie. ...

Was added on 22-Jul-2006 and viewed 2421 times, And was rated 2 out of 5.

111) ”Fire Breath“ by 2Laugh Team

» This strange looking performer thinks he's a fire breathing dragon. He just missed one thing with his plan of to spit fire at everybody. ...

Was added on 21-Jul-2006 and viewed 2381 times, And was rated 1.33 out of 5.

110) ”I want my moma“ by 2Laugh Team

» It's always great to see a talking dog. ...

Was added on 20-Jul-2006 and viewed 2672 times, And was rated 0.55 out of 5.

109) ”Youth on Speed“ by Froogle Rocky

» Drugs are bad. The problem starts when the youth start to use them. In the following video we'll see two of our youth who are on speed. ...

Was added on 19-Jul-2006 and viewed 2364 times, And was rated 0.33 out of 5.

108) ”Talented Player“ by ZooLoo

» This guitar player plays so fast that the guitar is about to blow up. ...

Was added on 18-Jul-2006 and viewed 2239 times, And was rated 0.48 out of 5.

107) ”Art of Sand“ by Fooly Door

» Ilana Yahav creates this wonderful segment called - Just Imagine. ...

Was added on 17-Jul-2006 and viewed 2253 times, And was rated 0.31 out of 5.

106) ”Country Song“ by 2Laugh Team

» Yakko Warner manages to sing about all possible countries. ...

Was added on 16-Jul-2006 and viewed 2338 times, And was rated 0.84 out of 5.

105) ”Toda's Heap Hop“ by Gogo 88

» Yoda is about 900 years old and yet he uses the force to be updated with today's music. Coot it is. ...

Was added on 14-Jul-2006 and viewed 5670 times, And was rated 1.47 out of 5.

104) ”Wonder Horse“ by Amit E.

» This horse is being treated as a royal member of the English royalty. ...

Was added on 13-Jul-2006 and viewed 2366 times, And was rated 0.74 out of 5.

103) ”Stupid Goal Keeper“ by ZooLoo

» The following goal keeper has an IQ equal to his left shoe. ...

Was added on 12-Jul-2006 and viewed 3946 times, And was rated 1.18 out of 5.

102) ”Super Dog“ by Amit

» Watch how this super-dog makes super-smart moves. ...

Was added on 11-Jul-2006 and viewed 2385 times, And was rated 1.01 out of 5.

101) ”Drink Milk 1“ by MoonShine

» The Creationists believe this world is not millions of years old and that dinosaurs lived among humans some 5,000 years ago. What a pile of crap. ...

Was added on 10-Jul-2006 and viewed 2324 times, And was rated 1.89 out of 5.

100) ”embarrassing moment“ by 2Laugh Team

» This host masters the interview very well. Till... the other guy open his mouth. From that moment the interview goes down very fast. ...

Was added on 09-Jul-2006 and viewed 4341 times, And was rated 1.65 out of 5.

99) ”Laser Operation“ by Ben Dov

» David Copperfield decided to go under a laser glasses-removal operation. The next video shows what happens to him. ...

Was added on 08-Jul-2006 and viewed 2317 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

98) ”Horny Dancer“ by Bozo

» This guy took part in a freak bicycle accident in France. Instead of crying about it, he adapted to the situation. ...

Was added on 07-Jul-2006 and viewed 2499 times, And was rated 4.01 out of 5.

97) ”2005 - The Best“ by Amit E.

» A collection of the best falls in 2005. ...

Was added on 06-Jul-2006 and viewed 2401 times, And was rated 1.04 out of 5.

96) ”Going Through Glass“ by 2Laugh Team

» A nice magic trick with a guy going through glass. ...

Was added on 04-Jul-2006 and viewed 2328 times, And was rated 2.88 out of 5.

95) ”Breakfast Dancing“ by 2Laugh Team

» Here's a spin-off video of the Citroen C4 one. ...

Was added on 03-Jul-2006 and viewed 3518 times, And was rated 2.83 out of 5.

94) ”Chin Chin“ by Goopy

» The Chin singers are back! ...

Was added on 02-Jul-2006 and viewed 2653 times, And was rated 3.06 out of 5.

93) ”the bomb squad“ by Bozo

» A bunch of a very strange bomb squad. ...

Was added on 30-Jun-2006 and viewed 2401 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

92) ”Superglue Bowling“ by Barbara

» This video shows why it's isn't wise to mix bowing with superglue. ...

Was added on 29-Jun-2006 and viewed 4486 times, And was rated 1.58 out of 5.

91) ”presenditial speech“ by Ooga Booga

» No idea why people vote for this dude. ...

Was added on 28-Jun-2006 and viewed 2435 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

90) ”As Long As You Love Me“ by Boris G.

» An improved version of the song titled: As Long As You Love Me. ...

Was added on 27-Jun-2006 and viewed 2295 times, And was rated 1.26 out of 5.

89) ”Aicha“ by 2Laugh Team

» The following dude has fallen in love with someone called Aicha or Hayeesh or something like that. This love made him dance like a toad, create this strange dancing video and spread the word to the world. Aicha, where are you? He's in pain! ...

Was added on 26-Jun-2006 and viewed 2559 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

88) ”school uniform“ by Bozo

» Some schools have uniform regulations. The next video shows why these rules should be obeyed. ...

Was added on 24-Jun-2006 and viewed 2465 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

87) ”Tired but Happy“ by BooBoo

» This baby doesn't know if he's happy or tired. ...

Was added on 22-Jun-2006 and viewed 2292 times, And was rated 0.78 out of 5.

86) ”Laugh Attack“ by ZooLoo

» If this dude wants to stay alive he must get out of his laugh attack. He can start be stop making this donkey-like sounds. ...

Was added on 21-Jun-2006 and viewed 2353 times, And was rated 1.88 out of 5.

85) ”torpedo launching“ by BooBoo

» Want to see a torpedo launching? This is your chance. ...

Was added on 20-Jun-2006 and viewed 2568 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

84) ”Tom Green“ by BooBoo

» Tom Green is one of the best out there. In this video he goes to a supermarket and checks the public announcement system. ...

Was added on 18-Jun-2006 and viewed 2352 times, And was rated 2.11 out of 5.

83) ”Smart Pig“ by 2Laugh Team

» Most women think that males are chauvinist pigs. This pig shows how smart pigs really are. ...

Was added on 16-Jun-2006 and viewed 2412 times, And was rated 1.05 out of 5.

82) ”protective tree“ by 2Laugh Team

» This Tree sacrifice himself just protect a bystander. ...

Was added on 15-Jun-2006 and viewed 3839 times, And was rated 1.36 out of 5.

81) ”Car Vs. Bike“ by ZooLoo

» Which one is faster, a Bike or a Car? Don't answer right away. Take a look, you'll be surprised. ...

Was added on 13-Jun-2006 and viewed 2470 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

80) ”The Proposal“ by HotGod

» What happens when a young Arab dude wishes to marry someone he loves? Well, he must ask her father for her hand in marriage. this next video sows exactly what happens in such process. ...

Was added on 03-Jun-2006 and viewed 42929 times, And was rated 52699700 out of 5.

79) ”Beatbox Master“ by Gogo 88

» See how a Beatbox master works, how he mixes, records and creates his music. ...

Was added on 01-Jun-2006 and viewed 2300 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

78) ”Old Weapon“ by Sub0

» In the following Video an expert shows a bunch of old weapons on the Late Night show with Conan O'Brien. ...

Was added on 31-May-2006 and viewed 2304 times, And was rated 0.94 out of 5.

77) ”rocket skateboard“ by MoonShine

» In the following video the inventor is trying to mimic the coyote from road runner. Enjoy! ...

Was added on 29-May-2006 and viewed 58189 times, And was rated 3.42 out of 5.

76) ”Laughing Leprecon“ by Donald G.

» Do you know this guy? Meet Chris Perillo. He's great when it comes to computers, software and other geek related issues. This time he, apparently, ate too much of his nuts. Great and funny video! ...

Was added on 27-May-2006 and viewed 2764 times, And was rated 2.28 out of 5.

75) ”fatal sneezing“ by HotGod

» People say each time i sneeze a hurricane starts. Ok, i sneeze very laud but when this old guy sneezes his whole head break apart. ...

Was added on 24-May-2006 and viewed 6243 times, And was rated 1.99 out of 5.

74) ”Jump Around“ by Ofer A.I.

» A guy named Ofer A.I. just sent us a strange animation to the song by House of Pain - Jump Around. ...

Was added on 23-May-2006 and viewed 2341 times, And was rated 1.67 out of 5.

73) ”Toy UFO“ by 2Laugh Team

» Not every day one sees such a great toy. If you have the money we'll be glad if you'll send us one (or 50) of these. ...

Was added on 21-May-2006 and viewed 2307 times, And was rated 2.18 out of 5.

72) ”Israeli Culture“ by Eyal

» Many Israelis like to travel the world and leave their impression on local cultures. This Israeli is no different. ...

Was added on 20-May-2006 and viewed 2761 times, And was rated 0.21 out of 5.

71) ”breakfast - japanese style“ by Apoxy Doll

» We live in a global planet. All culture start to look the same. In the following video we'll get the chance to glance at a regular Japanese morning. ...

Was added on 18-May-2006 and viewed 2479 times, And was rated 2.21 out of 5.

70) ”Windows 98“ by Goopy

» Windows 98 was a break through. This operating system was a direct descendant of the good old Pong game back in the 80's. ...

Was added on 16-May-2006 and viewed 2334 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

69) ”The Juggler“ by Moses X

» This great juggler has a great control over his balls. ...

Was added on 12-May-2006 and viewed 3636 times, And was rated 1.36 out of 5.

68) ”Pregnancy Test“ by More On

» Cool Parody about the Pregnancy Test. Did you know that women need to pee on sticks in order to know if their pregnant? ...

Was added on 10-May-2006 and viewed 4173 times, And was rated 1.05 out of 5.

67) ”Falling Females“ by ZooLoo

» I admit, most falling videos have males in them. Rarely you can find females doing stupid things, breaking, falling, etc. In the following video we've collected falling females, stupid females doing stupid things, etc. 100% females. ...

Was added on 08-May-2006 and viewed 2406 times, And was rated 0.64 out of 5.

66) ”Rocket Car“ by ZooLoo

» Launching a missile is a great fun. Doing the same with a car is even more fun. check out the following video and if you try this at home please email us the video/s. ...

Was added on 06-May-2006 and viewed 2254 times, And was rated 1.05 out of 5.

65) ”The Empire Strikes back“ by C.C. Mark

» Yet another great empire-light-sabor style video. ...

Was added on 01-May-2006 and viewed 2296 times, And was rated 1.36 out of 5.

64) ”Heavy Dancing“ by 2Laugh Team

» The next video shows what happens when you cross John Travolta with many McDonalds meals. ...

Was added on 30-Apr-2006 and viewed 2207 times, And was rated 1.15 out of 5.

63) ”Heavy Head“ by 2Laugh Team

» I love this Korean TV show. They always bring surprisingly cool performance. ...

Was added on 28-Apr-2006 and viewed 4430 times, And was rated 0.55 out of 5.

62) ”Drunk Portuguese“ by ZooMy

» As long as you don't see them on the road and in the air, Drunk people are really funny. Check out this drunk Portuguese. ...

Was added on 27-Apr-2006 and viewed 2443 times, And was rated 1.54 out of 5.

61) ”Nerd Prank“ by BooBoo

» Bob is trying to test if his friend is a nerd. The reaction he gets in this video is priceless! ...

Was added on 25-Apr-2006 and viewed 3964 times, And was rated 1.01 out of 5.

60) ”Dr. Phil“ by Jack O.

» Dr. Phil on a special show by Larry king. Listen carefully to the guy asking for the help. ...

Was added on 24-Apr-2006 and viewed 2679 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

59) ”Water Falls“ by Monk Jr.

» This next video is a good collection of falls which are associated with water. ...

Was added on 23-Apr-2006 and viewed 2376 times, And was rated 0.58 out of 5.

58) ”The Hunter“ by Fred e.

» Great Animation by Yoval Nathen. ...

Was added on 22-Apr-2006 and viewed 2243 times, And was rated 1.5 out of 5.

57) ”The end of the Frog“ by Shool

» It's about time! The annoying Frog is now a dead annoying frog. ...

Was added on 21-Apr-2006 and viewed 2232 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

56) ”Dancing - The collection“ by Josef

» A great collection video with dancing (or is it falling) people. ...

Was added on 19-Apr-2006 and viewed 2173 times, And was rated 0.41 out of 5.

55) ”Be Happy“ by Dave Z.F.

» What a happy couple. They have their smile on their faces and wish to make us all happy. Be happy! This is another video with a singing couple. ...

Was added on 18-Apr-2006 and viewed 2200 times, And was rated 1.01 out of 5.

54) ”I did it again“ by Rachel

» Britney Spears reveals her inner truth to the public. ...

Was added on 16-Apr-2006 and viewed 2570 times, And was rated 0.69 out of 5.

53) ”Gremlin Dog“ by RodRick

» This video shows what happens when you authorize genetic testing. This poor creature is part Dog part Gremlin. ...

Was added on 12-Apr-2006 and viewed 2503 times, And was rated 1.18 out of 5.

52) ”total eclipse“ by HotGod

» A great Spin on the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" song. ...

Was added on 11-Apr-2006 and viewed 2146 times, And was rated 1.64 out of 5.

51) ”Mini Machine Gun“ by HotGod

» I love Machine Guns. I also love toys. In the following video you'll see a combination of the two. Sweet! ...

Was added on 09-Apr-2006 and viewed 2322 times, And was rated 1.06 out of 5.

50) ”winning number“ by Mandrove

» Do you know how to calculate the chances of you winning the lottery? No? it's very easy, the chances are ZERO. In the following video you'll encounter a very successful lotto show. ...

Was added on 07-Apr-2006 and viewed 2431 times, And was rated 1.25 out of 5.

49) ”MohammadSmurf“ by Dani B.

» It's always funny to watch religion fanatics. They usually get so exited with the religion act that they forget how silly they really look. In the following video we'll see such funny over-enthusiasm. I'm God is laughing up there. ...

Was added on 06-Apr-2006 and viewed 2260 times, And was rated 2.23 out of 5.

48) ”Falls 3“ by Dan B.

» Combine Gravity and stupid people and you'll get an ever-growing cool video collections. ...

Was added on 04-Apr-2006 and viewed 3078 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

47) ”Crazy Dancer“ by Dan

» This Dancer knows some moves, She's Cute and all but she's CRAZY! In this next video you'll see what happens when you inhale the wrong stuff in the morning. ...

Was added on 04-Apr-2006 and viewed 5732 times, And was rated 3.14 out of 5.

46) ”Magic Trick“ by 2laugh Team

» Yet another great magic trick. ...

Was added on 01-Apr-2006 and viewed 2309 times, And was rated 0.63 out of 5.

45) ”The Real Simpsons“ by 2laugh Team

» Everybody loves the Simpsons. For the 17th season SkyOne decided to create this great live replication of the Simpsons opening. Extra cool! ...

Was added on 07-Mar-2006 and viewed 4121 times, And was rated 4.1 out of 5.

44) ”Kids On Acid“ by 2laugh Team

» These two kids are defiantly on something. The 2Laugh team believe they are on Acid or Speed or any combination of the two. Beware Kids! Drugs are BAD! ...

Was added on 04-Mar-2006 and viewed 2279 times, And was rated 2.5 out of 5.

43) ”Tough Life“ by 2laugh Team

» People just don't know how tough is being rich. ...

Was added on 25-Feb-2006 and viewed 2355 times, And was rated 4.17 out of 5.

42) ”I want my moma !“ by 2laugh Team

» When politicians have nothing important to say, it's a wise move to hear what pets have to say. Especially dogs. These dogs have no idea what they are talking about but at least one can understand what they're sating. ...

Was added on 18-Feb-2006 and viewed 2635 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

41) ”Meteor Strike“ by 2laugh Team

» Meteors turned the dinosaurs extinct. Meteors caused, indirectly, to the production of the lousy "Jurassic Park" series. This video captures the moment of impact. ...

Was added on 29-Jan-2006 and viewed 2766 times, And was rated 4.38 out of 5.

40) ”Marking Pen Art“ by 2laugh Team

» Ofer A. Israel is an artist. Sure he graduated at the MIT but still he's a well known artist. In the following video we see him at work in a live performance at the Guggenheim museum. Notice the gentle strokes, the thin lines and the criticism about modern life he reflects in his art. ...

Was added on 21-Jan-2006 and viewed 2382 times, And was rated 3.8 out of 5.

39) ”Sand Drawing“ by 2laugh Team

» An ausom art show with live drawing in sand. This artist is Ilana Yahav and she's from Israel. ...

Was added on 18-Jan-2006 and viewed 2506 times, And was rated 4 out of 5.

38) ”Prince Horse“ by 2laugh Team

» Only in Texas can a horse be treated as a kind. This Horse rides cars, sleeps in beds and lives inside a house. Cool. ...

Was added on 12-Jan-2006 and viewed 2440 times, And was rated 2.43 out of 5.

37) ”Yakko's Song“ by 2laugh Team

» This cool song includes all the countries out there. ...

Was added on 09-Jan-2006 and viewed 2301 times, And was rated 4.29 out of 5.

36) ”Rock Monster“ by 2laugh Team

» Cool animated commercial! ...

Was added on 04-Jan-2006 and viewed 2347 times, And was rated 3.2 out of 5.

35) ”Poor Goalkeeper“ by 2laugh Team

» Goalkeeper: the last line of defense. The goalkeeper is the only player who can use his/her hands within the field of play, although only within the penalty area. ...

Was added on 30-Dec-2005 and viewed 2400 times, And was rated 3.33 out of 5.

34) ”Israeli English“ by 2laugh Team

» Most Israelis know English very well. This recently-elected political leader in Israel have no clue what he's saying. Wiz Gratu-Ated. ...

Was added on 21-Dec-2005 and viewed 2333 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

33) ”Laugh Attack“ by 2laugh Team

» What better suit the site than a laughing donkey. Or is it a horse? No idea. judge for yourself. ...

Was added on 13-Dec-2005 and viewed 2387 times, And was rated 4.17 out of 5.

32) ”Tom Green“ by 2laugh Team

» Tom Green is great. Here he has lost his mom at the supermarket. ...

Was added on 10-Dec-2005 and viewed 2351 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

31) ”Giggling Leprecon“ by 2laugh Team

» Chris Pirillo didn't take his Pepto-Bismol before going live. See what happens when some gases are let lose unexpectedly. ...

Was added on 01-Dec-2005 and viewed 2446 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

30) ”Cool UFO Toy“ by 2laugh Team

» Yes! I want one of these. If you have the money, simply paypal it to us. I promise I'll buy one of these and show a new video on the site. I think this baby sells for only $150. ...

Was added on 21-Nov-2005 and viewed 3147 times, And was rated 3.57 out of 5.

29) ”White Dancer“ by 2laugh Team

» People say White man can't dance. this White Dooshbag proves them wrong. And yes, don't blame it on the boggy. ...

Was added on 10-Nov-2005 and viewed 2738 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

28) ”Nightmares of a Chef“ by 2laugh Team

» Klod, The highest rated chef of all time, tend to sleep from time to time, on daily bases. Till i saw this movie, i was sure he goes to sleep peacefully. But watching this video made me realize he has a burden, a very heavy burden on his shoulders. ...

Was added on 31-Oct-2005 and viewed 2356 times, And was rated 2.15 out of 5.

27) ”Farting Preacher 5“ by 2laugh Team

» Yes! He's Back!!! Zach N. Is back with another great episode about the preacher who had to much to eat in his last meal. Breaking wind has never been so funny before. Upon public demand (leave feedback) I'll post previous episodes. Enjoy! ...

Was added on 27-Oct-2005 and viewed 10416 times, And was rated 4.05 out of 5.

26) ”jackass for nerds“ by 2laugh Team

» I used to watch Jackass but this version is very strange. ...

Was added on 14-Oct-2005 and viewed 4920 times, And was rated 2.33 out of 5.

25) ”Girls Girls Girls“ by 2laugh Team

» This a great compilation of falling and stumbling females. ...

Was added on 18-Sep-2005 and viewed 7526 times, And was rated 3.85 out of 5.

24) ”Sleepy Kitten“ by 2laugh Team

» This little kitten ust got back from a hard work day at the cole mines. ...

Was added on 17-Aug-2005 and viewed 3661 times, And was rated 4.13 out of 5.

23) ”Worst Five“ by 2laugh Team

» We've all seen American Idol. This Video shows the top five worst performers. Or is it the bottom five worst perfumers. No idea. Ear plugs are strongly recommended! ...

Was added on 31-Jul-2005 and viewed 2548 times, And was rated 3.5 out of 5.

22) ”Roller Coaster“ by 2laugh Team

» Wow, what a rush .Just watching this gives me goose bumps. If you have any additional information about this installation, its place,name, etc. Please let us know. ...

Was added on 25-Jul-2005 and viewed 3789 times, And was rated 3.65 out of 5.

21) ”Another Pop-Idol“ by 2laugh Team

» Another great singer from the Pop-Idol tv show. ...

Was added on 21-Jun-2005 and viewed 3511 times, And was rated 3.71 out of 5.

20) ”Fanta Ad.“ by 2laugh Team

» Cool Fanta promotion tv ad from Japan. ...

Was added on 21-Jun-2005 and viewed 7270 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

19) ”D.J. Darth“ by 2laugh Team

» Yes! His your father but he needs to make money from time to time ...

Was added on 21-Jun-2005 and viewed 2432 times, And was rated 3.67 out of 5.

18) ”Live From Iraq“ by 2laugh Team

» The Iraqi freedom fighters sound a bit funny at times. ...

Was added on 07-Jun-2005 and viewed 6798 times, And was rated 3.58 out of 5.

17) ”Like a Virgin“ by 2laugh Team

» Video of Keith singing "Like A Virgin" at his American Idol audition. ...

Was added on 17-May-2005 and viewed 3039 times, And was rated 3.61 out of 5.

16) ”StarWars Kid III“ by 2laugh Team

» Remember the Star-Wars Kid? Well, after many months of advanced video processing, we've ended up with a new video segment. Enjoy and may the force be with you. ...

Was added on 05-May-2005 and viewed 2667 times, And was rated 3.75 out of 5.

15) ”upside down baby“ by 2laugh Team

» This baby can't walk yet, but he found a way to go fron point A to point B. ...

Was added on 01-Apr-2005 and viewed 3686 times, And was rated 3.71 out of 5.

14) ”ASL - Arab Shooting Lab“ by 2laugh Team

» Usually we see Arabs throwing stones. Most people think that this behaviors is due to the lack of guns. This video sows what happens when an Arab expert tries to shoot a gun. ...

Was added on 22-Mar-2005 and viewed 3982 times, And was rated 2.95 out of 5.

13) ”Lucky/Unlucky paratrooper“ by 2laugh Team

» If a deep-sea diver runs out of air in his tanks, try to get to the surface and run into a shark which eats one of his legs, looses the shark only to get caught in the tentacles of a giant octopus, lives to tell the story. Is this diver the luckiest man alive? or is he the most unlucky guy on earth? The following video clip raises the same question. ...

Was added on 26-Feb-2005 and viewed 3208 times, And was rated 3.29 out of 5.

12) ”The Annoying Thing“ by 2laugh Team

» I've been watching this video about 50 times now and it always brings a smile to my face. If this continues on i'll need a plastic surgeon to remove this annoying smile. ...

Was added on 18-Feb-2005 and viewed 2862 times, And was rated 4.15 out of 5.

11) ”Nothing But Net“ by 2laugh Team

» This young chick is going to meet the basketball net. No idea how she's gonna do it but she will. ...

Was added on 08-Feb-2005 and viewed 2758 times, And was rated 3.73 out of 5.

10) ”brake-dance master“ by 2laugh Team

» Take a look at this master. Watch each and every move of this guy. maybe you'll become a master too. ...

Was added on 27-Jan-2005 and viewed 3166 times, And was rated 3.33 out of 5.

9) ”Heavy Dancer“ by 2laugh Team

» This guy simply floats on the dancing pad. ...

Was added on 27-Jan-2005 and viewed 2674 times, And was rated 3 out of 5.

8) ”testing your reflexes“ by 2laugh Team

» Their best friend is sleeping, so they decide to test his reflexes in a scientific way. All you need for this kind of scientific test is a little of shaving foam, 1 sleeping volunteer (doesn't really need to volunteer) and 1 digital camera. With all the right ingredients, all you need is to watch the following video to see how it is properly done. ...

Was added on 15-Jan-2005 and viewed 2483 times, And was rated 4.21 out of 5.

7) ”cat and ceiling fan“ by 2laugh Team

» I was asked many times before about the video segment about a cat and a ceiling fan. I always replied "I have no idea what are you talking about". Till now. Now, I just tell them to check out the Humor site. ...

Was added on 03-Jan-2005 and viewed 5680 times, And was rated 3.33 out of 5.

6) ”too excited“ by 2laugh Team

» Some people get nervous during interviews, some get exited during live interviews but some get really irritated during interviews over live TV. This guy has butterflies in his stomach during a live TV interview. He speaks about space chimps till he decides to set those butterflies free. beware, this video clip is not for those of you who own a sensitive stomach. ...

Was added on 24-Dec-2004 and viewed 2581 times, And was rated 2.87 out of 5.

5) ”Star Wars kid“ by 2laugh Team

» Here's a cool video for all of those who lived under a rock for the past few years. It's a bout 1 man who saved the entire galaxy with a light saber. This man saves us all or at least, this is what this kid believes in. ...

Was added on 11-Dec-2004 and viewed 2553 times, And was rated 2.86 out of 5.

4) ”Life is Short“ by 2laugh Team

» I try telling people with playstations 2 that their machine suck. I really hate PS2. I try telling them to switch to Xbox. But they don't listen. Life is short, i guess. ...

Was added on 08-Dec-2004 and viewed 3739 times, And was rated 3.6 out of 5.

3) ”Loosing control“ by 2laugh Team

» An helicopter crash in NYC. A WNBC chopper went down in NY. the Pilot + 2 reporters survived the crash. ...

Was added on 04-Dec-2004 and viewed 2554 times, And was rated 3.57 out of 5.

2) ”Citroen C4“ by 2laugh Team

» The new Citroen C4 commercial. ...

Was added on 01-Dec-2004 and viewed 2570 times, And was rated 3.63 out of 5.

1) ”Super-Cop“ by 2laugh Team

» Ever wondered how a super-cop will look like? Well, in this video you'll be able to see the new Super-Cop, his abilities and actions. ...

Was added on 30-Nov-2004 and viewed 3539 times, And was rated 4.59 out of 5.

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