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”Nim“ by 2Laugh Team

Remove any number of cards from a line. The remover of the last card on screen is a rotten egg a total loser.

was played 10777 times and was rated 3.68 out of 5. (13k)

”The Brave Archer“ by ZooLoo

Test your arch skills. Aim, Set the Angle and strength and shoot. The other side will try to do the same.

was played 24949 times and was rated 3.58 out of 5. (34k)

”Lethal Billiard“ by MoonShine

Pocket the bombs to the right pockets. Do this in time and you

was played 6722 times and was rated 3.56 out of 5. (110k)

”Circular Breakout“ by BooBoo

The regular Breakout in a circular mode.

was played 7430 times and was rated 3.54 out of 5. (238k)

”The Chopper“ by BooBoo

This chopper is in need for fuel. Press the left mouse button to supply fuel to the chopper. Releasing the mouse button will cut the fuel supply and the chopper will start to fall.
Try to avoid as many obstacle as possible. This game starts slow but soon enough goes into a scrolling frenzy.

was played 9224 times and was rated 3.53 out of 5. (44k)

”It's Pacman!“ by Team

Yes! Remember this old yellow-pizza-like-dot-eating creator? Who doesn

was played 11259 times and was rated 3.51 out of 5. (38k)

”On And Off“ by 2Laugh Team

A cool game where you need to turn off all lights. Press a turned off light and it will turn on. Do the same to a turned on light and will turn off. All neighbors are also reacting to your pressings.

was played 10802 times and was rated 3.49 out of 5. (93k)

”Who wants to be a millionaire?“ by ZooLoo

A cool version of the real TV game.
Think you can be a millionaire?

was played 14979 times and was rated 3.49 out of 5. (632k)

”Bloody Adventure“ by Team

In this flashed game you

was played 5377 times and was rated 3.46 out of 5. (1,049k)

”pango the penguin“ by 2Laugh Team

Another classic game here at the 2Laugh site. Move the ice block to the right place for pango to move to the next level.

was played 3304 times and was rated 3.45 out of 5. (181k)

”Battle Ships“ by Team

Hide your Ships and than go head to head against the computer.

was played 3287 times and was rated 3.41 out of 5. (369k)

”Asteroids“ by ZB Goof

Enjoy this classic

was played 4782 times and was rated 3.41 out of 5. (108k)

”Curve Ball“ by Team

The good old Pong game with a 3d twist.
Try creating curve balls to defeat your vicious opponent.

was played 9142 times and was rated 3.4 out of 5. (58k)

”Soduko“ by ZooLoo

Soduko! Soduko!
Place the right numbers into the right places and you

was played 3257 times and was rated 3.4 out of 5. (88k)

”Poom“ by Team

Keep your eyes on the ball. Don

was played 3275 times and was rated 3.38 out of 5. (71k)

”The Big Escape“ by Team

And i don

was played 6818 times and was rated 3.38 out of 5. (1,465k)

”Blocks“ by Team

Check this game out. If you like Tetris you

was played 7440 times and was rated 3.37 out of 5. (550k)

”Rotating Rings“ by 2Laugh Team

Another tetris clone with a "twist".

was played 3248 times and was rated 3.37 out of 5. (69k)

”Chain Reaction“ by Team

Pressing on one shape might end up with 3 rotations BUT it might start a chain reaction. Write down your records. Warning: Highly addictive game

was played 3267 times and was rated 3.36 out of 5. (14k)

”The Sonic Game“ by Team

Help Sonic find the ring which are scattered all over the place.

was played 4255 times and was rated 3.34 out of 5. (1,472k)

”Gems“ by Team

Rotate groups of 3 hexagons. Similar colors will vanish leaving empty space for more gems.

was played 3504 times and was rated 3.32 out of 5. (617k)

”Track me“ by 2Laugh Team


was played 6782 times and was rated 3.31 out of 5. (820k)

”wack a groundhog“ by Team

Those little buggers destroyed your crops. Whack them on the head and return some of your lost dignity.
This game needs lots of focus and happy trigger hand.

was played 3181 times and was rated 3.3 out of 5. (309k)

”Paintball Camp“ by Team

Paintball! Yes!
Plat paintball without the painful red marks on your skin.

was played 3277 times and was rated 3.3 out of 5. (342k)

”Tetris“ by Team

Who doesn

was played 3252 times and was rated 3.28 out of 5. (475k)

”Fast Food Fiasco“ by Team

Match food items in this time-based fast-action game.
After 10 minutes playing this game i have to eat something.

was played 3219 times and was rated 3.27 out of 5. (139k)

”The Package“ by 2Laugh Team

This great puzzle will make your brain go up in flames.
If you like hard puzzles, this one is for you.

was played 8226 times and was rated 3.27 out of 5. (222k)

”Avoiding“ by 2Laugh Team

Good reflexes is what separates life and death. Avoid the bullet/s and get to the next level.

was played 8258 times and was rated 3.26 out of 5. (253k)

”Billiard“ by 2Laugh Team

Yes another pool/billiard game. Simply use the stick to shoot balls.

was played 7611 times and was rated 3.24 out of 5. (150k)

”secret code“ by Team

Find the hidden color code.
Get feedback for each trial. Black means the color and location are ok. White means the color is ok but it has the wrong location.

was played 3156 times and was rated 3.23 out of 5. (390k)

”Nerves Test“ by Bozo

Another game which will test your nerves.
Try following with your mouse this ever-speeding track or path.
At first it will look really easy, than mildly easy, than tough and soon enough it will become a complete madness.

was played 5669 times and was rated 3.23 out of 5. (334k)

”Drum-Drum“ by 2Laugh Team

A Dance Dance revulosuion copycat.
Press E, O, Both or Space.
3 minutes and yoiu

was played 4720 times and was rated 3.23 out of 5. (2,450k)

”1..33“ by Team

Locate the numbers starting with 1.
No need to click on the numbers, just put your cursor and the number will vanish.

was played 3264 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (39k)

”Hexxagons“ by Team


was played 3290 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (46k)

”Balancing Act“ by Team


was played 3234 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (213k)

”Break Out“ by ZooLoo

Remember Break out? What a cool game. This flash break out version is a very well executed one.

was played 3278 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (444k)

”Original Nokia Snake“ by 2Laugh Team

The original snake from Nokia

was played 4535 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (10k)

”Ticking Bomb“ by 2Laugh Team

This is a cool challenge. The Bomb is ticking and you

was played 4115 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (825k)

”Combat- Micro Tanks“ by Boris G.

Another classic Games. Destroy the enemy by hitting his tank with the space button.

was played 9980 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (256k)

”Sort Game“ by 2Laugh Team

A very simple game. Simply sort the balls based on their color.
The red balls go right and the blue ones should go to the left.

was played 5294 times and was rated 3.21 out of 5. (94k)

”The Count“ by 2Laugh Team

All you need to do in this game is to click on the following number. Good relaxes will advance you forward.

was played 3164 times and was rated 3.19 out of 5. (662k)

”Major Madness“ by 2Laugh Team

Great War oriented Shooter. Be careful be very very careful. Shot anything that moves.

was played 3658 times and was rated 3.19 out of 5. (1,504k)

”Chess“ by Shmoopi

Great! At Last, a Chess game.
In the lowest level it was easy to win.

was played 11618 times and was rated 3.14 out of 5. (71k)

”Notebook Invaders“ by 2Laugh Team

A cool drawn version of the classic Space Invaders game.

was played 3143 times and was rated 3.12 out of 5. (197k)

”Tennis Bouncing“ by Ben Dov

In the next game your task is simple - keep the tennis ball in the air. You accomplish this by bouncing it again and again.

was played 3412 times and was rated 3.12 out of 5. (88k)

”The Bubble Game“ by 2Laugh Team

Stretch the top bubble, set the angle and release. The bubble will do the damage to the other bubbles. Simply prevent the bubble tower to get higher.

was played 3179 times and was rated 3.09 out of 5. (39k)

”Quix“ by ZooLoo

Press a colored shape and than press again for a targeted zone. If the new zone is near other shapes from the same color you

was played 3265 times and was rated 3.07 out of 5. (89k)

”BlackJack 21“ by Ben Dov

Before you go on a trip to Vegas, try practicing on the site.
Hope we helped you make lots of money.

was played 3220 times and was rated 3.06 out of 5. (104k)

”Fish and Fish“ by Fooly Door

In the ocean there

was played 3138 times and was rated 3.06 out of 5. (452k)

”Shoot the Hoop“ by 2Laugh Team

Treat yourself with this cool 3 points shooting game. Lift your bum from the comfy-chair and start shooting some hoops.

was played 3207 times and was rated 3.06 out of 5. (328k)

”Memory Circles“ by ZooLoo

Test your memory with this cool and easy-to-learn game.
Simply repeat the white-circles shape on the top.

was played 3182 times and was rated 3.05 out of 5. (220k)

”BreakOut“ by MoonShine

Another variation on this classic-classic game of break-out. Smash the bricks with your ball!

was played 3256 times and was rated 3.04 out of 5. (742k)

”Beaver Cannon“ by 2Laugh Team

We have had cannons of all sort in the humor site. this one shoots, well, beavers.
Aim, set the angle, the strength and shoot!

was played 3202 times and was rated 2.96 out of 5. (170k)

”Cubes“ by 2Laugh Team

Press the right cube and press again for the new destination. If the colors match the cubes will vanish.
Repeat to score.

was played 3279 times and was rated 2.95 out of 5. (72k)

”Balance“ by 2Laugh Team

Balance is an important thing in life. In this balancing game you need to overcome the challenge of balancing staff. Good Luck!

was played 3186 times and was rated 2.95 out of 5. (213k)

”Tetris“ by 2Laugh Team

Another version or variation of the classic game.

was played 3141 times and was rated 2.9 out of 5. (475k)

”The Release“ by 2Laugh Team

Try to release the yellow ball/s.
A nice little challenge game.

was played 3194 times and was rated 2.89 out of 5. (15k)

”Finding the Way“ by ZooLoo

Help this poor guy find his way in this brutal maze.

was played 3250 times and was rated 2.88 out of 5. (1,049k)

”Billiard - The Chalange“ by HotGod

A Great variation of the Snooker game. This game has many levels which get harder and harder as you go.

was played 26434 times and was rated 2.77 out of 5. (314k)

”Platform Game“ by Goopy

Another platform game. you simply run, walk, shoot, jump and try to stay alive.

was played 3210 times and was rated 2.75 out of 5. (1,684k)

”Flash Zuma“ by Iron Fist

This next game is an almost 1:1 imitation of the real Zuma game.
Your goal is to shoot colored balls on other balls with the same color.
Shoot well and shorten the chain of balls and gain points.

was played 5753 times and was rated 2.74 out of 5. (101k)

”Bowling 3“ by Goro

Another Bowling Game.

was played 3254 times and was rated 2.74 out of 5. (66k)

”Chain Reaction“ by 2Laugh Team

Click on the small arches. Close circles and start a chain reaction.

was played 3225 times and was rated 2.7 out of 5. (14k)

”Paintball“ by 2Laugh Team

This game will enable you to experience paintball without those red bumps on your skin, without tasting the pain in your mouth and without feeling any pain.

was played 3221 times and was rated 2.69 out of 5. (342k)

”Eight Queens“ by HotGod

To solve the eight queens problem, you must place 8 queens (black squares) onto the chess board below. No queen can be attacking any other queen.

was played 3230 times and was rated 2.67 out of 5. (90k)

”Score like Beckham“ by 2Laugh Team

This is your chance to be beckham. Try to score while shooting these curved kicks.

was played 3622 times and was rated 2.65 out of 5. (765k)

”Parking Simulator“ by ZooLoo

Women don

was played 16743 times and was rated 2.36 out of 5. (49k)

”Fast Food“ by Donald G.

If this game will reduce the time you spend on real fast food than the 2Laugh Humor site has contributed to lowering your chance of getting a heart related disease. Good for us.

was played 3228 times and was rated 2.33 out of 5. (319k)

”Speed Test“ by RodRick

How fast are you? Can you move your mouse at a blink of an eye?
The next Flash Game will put this to the test.
Follow the numbers one by one and catch them if you spot them.

was played 3204 times and was rated 2.31 out of 5. (39k)

”Sonic“ by Dan B.

Remember Sonic the hedgehog? Who can forget?

was played 4548 times and was rated 2.26 out of 5. (1,472k)

”Hit the Mole“ by 2Laugh Team

See any mole over there? Hit its head with the wooden hammer.
The more the better.

was played 3190 times and was rated 2.24 out of 5. (309k)

”Cat Cannon“ by Goopy

A Very simple game. Shoo these cats in the right angle and try to achieve the best range. Arrow keys will control the cannon angle.
Good luck!

was played 44309 times and was rated 2.18 out of 5. (333k)

”Big Escape“ by Gogo 88


was played 3224 times and was rated 1.55 out of 5. (1,465k)

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