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Prof. Pinkus Will answer any question
Hi, I'm Richard Von-Dushman Pinkus the third, but most people in the scientific community know me by the name - Prof. Pinkus
I've been involved in the nuclear development, the Boson Higgins research, many Nano-Technology patents registrations and many other projects. I have master degrees in 10 fields, PhD's in Physics, quantum mechanics and more degrees than a boiling cup of water.
I wish to share with you, the average surfer, my vast knowledge. Please feel free to ask me anything.
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6 anonymous: Why Do men have nipples? I mean its not like they use them!
Prof. Pinkus: Good question. With most evolutionary questions it's a not a matter of using or not. After all, you do have a tail bone and yet you don't have a tail.
The nipples are just one of these faded "features" from the past. Maybe, millions of years ago, men did nurse the young, maybe they did help in house hold task and maybe they even used lipstick. Who knows?

added 3 years, 2917 days ago

5 anonymous: Whats my name?
Prof. Pinkus: Dan? George?

added 3 years, 2917 days ago

4 anonymous: Do you know the rest of dirty poem that starts: Over the hill came corkscrew Nick, The only man with a spiral dick...
Prof. Pinkus: He went to the Mall, And fucked them all.
Over the hill came policewomen Abigail,
And took corkscrew Nick to jail.

added 3 years, 2996 days ago

3 spennie: is andrew sillar seriosuly gay?
Prof. Pinkus: Yes, It seems so.

added 3 years, 3007 days ago

2 anonymous: What colour underwear am i wearing?
Prof. Pinkus: Based on the info and web-cam shots I have on this side of the net, you're not wearing any underwear.

added 3 years, 3034 days ago

1 anonymous: why are gays gay?
Prof. Pinkus: There're many options:
1. Some of them were born like that. As much as i love peanut butter, i have no control over it
2. Some of them had good experience with such... well... things
3. Some of them try to mimic others
4. Jail...
One can divide the categories into Genetics and behavioral categories. Hope this make sense.
If i didn't answer your question, i strongly recommend you'll approach one of this specimens and ask him/her "Hey dude, why are you gay?"
Let me know what did you get as an answer.

added 3 years, 3208 days ago

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