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» (21) The Fowl-Mouthed Parrot!
A woman was walking down the street past a pet shop, and when she looked in the window there was a gorgeous parrot for sale with a sign that said "$50.00". She had always wanted a parrot, but had found them to be too expensive, so she rushed in and ask ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3388 times
» (22) Great Dane
A man goes to a bar and he ties his Great Dane up outside. About 10 minutes later a lady comes in and asks whos Great Dane is outside. "Mine" says the man. "My dog has just killed him", she says. "What breed is your dog?" he asks. "A Chiuahua", she ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 4611 times
» (23) The Panda Bear
A panda bear walks into a bar, and tells the bartender that he wants to have lunch. The bartender gives him a menu and he orders. The panda bear eats his lunch, and when he finishes, he gets up to leave. Suddenly, the panda bear pulls an AK-47 out of h ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3432 times
» (24) Stupid master
A gorilla was walking thru' a jungle when he came across a deer eating grasses in a clearing. The gorilla roared, 'Who's the king of the jungle?', and the deer replied, 'Oh, you are, Master.' The gorilla walked off pleased. Soon he came across a zebra ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3685 times
» (25) New dog breed
Did you here about the new dog breed of dog? It's a cross between a Pittbull and a Collie. First it bites off your leg, and then it runs for help. ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3195 times
» (26) Duck shopper
A duck walks in to a drug store and asks for a condom. The sales person comes back with the condom and says "Put this on your bill sir" to which the duck replies "what do you think I'M a dickhead!" ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3374 times
» (27) Cat's Prayer
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray this cushy life to keep I pray for toys that look like mice and warm cushions soft and nice For grocery bags where I can hide Just like a tiger croucched inside I pray for gourmet kitty snacks and someone nic ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3775 times
» (28) Cat Heaven
One day a cat dies of natural causes and goes to heaven. Greeting him the Lord says, "You've lived a good life. If there is any way I can make your stay in Heaven more comfortable, please let Me know." The cat thinks for a minute and says "Well, all my ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3270 times
» (29) Huey, Dewy, and Puddles.
A young girl is wandering through a park in the pouring rain, when she comes across 3 dogs. Being a bit of an animal lover, she approaches them, bends down and starts to stroke one of them: "Ah, you're lovely, aren't you?" she says to the first dog. "What ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3170 times
» (30) The Special Pig
One day a man drove by a farm and saw a three-legged pig. The man went up to the farmer and said, "Excuse me sir, but why does that pig only have 3 legs?" "Well," said the farmer, "that there pig is very special. One time my wife was cooking something ...
By: 14-Mar-2004 Added On : 2laugh Team Viewed : 3189 times

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