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» (41) having sex
Jon was looking for a little "action." He picked up a sweet young thing at the bar and took her back to his hotel room. Little did he know that she was darn near a nymphomaniac. After six times having sex, she was screaming for more. After the eighth time ...
By: 28-Jul-2007 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 2305 times
» (42) Wrong Number
A lady called a music store about a recording, but dialedwrong and connected with an auto mechanic instead. She asked, "Do you have two lips and seven kisses?" He said, "No..But I have two balls and seven inches." She responded, "Is that a record?" He ...
By: 07-May-2007 Added On : brabant Viewed : 1873 times
» (43) The Impotent
A young man was distressed when, for no apparent reason, he found himself impotent. Consulting a psychiatrist, he was thrilled to learn that his problem was physical rather than psychological and that his ability to raise an erection would return if he si ...
By: 07-May-2007 Added On : Dinesh Vora Viewed : 1484 times
» (44) Ali and the Camel
Ali Salem goes to the used camel dealer. He wants a cheap camel to take him only one trip across the desert. The dealer says, "I have a good used camel for you. It hasn't done many miles, only had one owner but has a small fault. Because of the fault, ...
By: 07-May-2007 Added On : william brabant Viewed : 4544 times
» (45) Chanukah Coins
We were at the pharmacy when I found a treasure. It was a bag of Gold Chanukah Coins (Gold Foil-covered chocolate). There were many sizes, from dime to dollar. I took the bag home and my son and I opened the bag and ate all of the coins, my son taking th ...
By: 28-Feb-2008 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 1362 times
» (46) So Big
1. My dick is so big, there's still snow on it in the summertime. 2. My dick is so big, I went to The Viper Room and my dick got right in. I had to stand there and argue with the doorman. 3. My dick is so big, I have to call it Mr. Dick in front of c ...
By: 28-Feb-2008 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 1554 times
» (47) Donald and Minnie
Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were spending the night in a hotel room. Donald wanted to have sex with Minnie. The first thing Minnie asked was, "Do you have a condom?" Donald frowned and said "No." Minnie told Donald that if he didn't get a condo ...
By: 28-Feb-2008 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 1496 times
» (48) uncircumcised troll
Q: Have you heard about the uncircumcised troll? A: His name was Rumpled Foreskin ...
By: 28-Feb-2008 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 3500 times
» (49) In the Act
Q: How do you get a woman off during sex? A: Push her. ...
By: 28-Feb-2008 Added On : b brabant Viewed : 1686 times
» (50) Pop of Flop
Sexually dysfunctional Sam and unsupportive Sharmi a middle aged disgruntled couple were playing all spousal trickeries to command submissiveness of other. So Sam took a suitcase and started packing it. Angry Sharmi asked, "Where the hell you think y ...
By: 24-Mar-2008 Added On : Dinesh Vora Viewed : 1659 times

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